The Nigerian economy has not been stable over the years as it depended mainly on international economic system and this unfortunately, became increasingly hostile. The Nigerian Economy had been seriously affected by massive devaluation of the National currency, the Naira, by the Structural Adjustment Programme introduced by the Military. Couple with this, is the instability in the prices of crude oil in the International market, crude oil being the major source of foreign exchange earnings in the country.

That the Hospitality industry is very vulnerable to economic uncertainty and volatility is due to the fact that it depends almost entirely on the economy. An economy that pullout of the challenges of COVID-19 experience and other variables like inflation rates, high cost of food items, Bank lending rates, taxes and double taxation which are directly or indirectly influenced by the National economy affects the Hospitality, Catering and Tourism industry.

All these impacts negatively on the productive sector of the economy such as the Hospitality, Tourism, Catering, Restaurant, Aviation and Manufacturing sectors which are already over stretched with multiple taxation and high cost of diesel to power their generators.

Premised on this development, the National Secretariat wish to inform you that the Union is organizing a National Workshop with the theme: Nigerian Economy Environments and Business Survival: Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Industry Experience from 22nd to 24th June, 2022 at Cabana Hotel, Asaba, Delta State.

The objectives of this Workshop are to advance cooperation and collaborations as solutions to the problems in the Nigerian Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Industry. Also, the Workshop will explore the need to consider and deploy innovative recovery solutions that were homegrown and practically tailored for its specific environment and people.

Therefore the Union appreciates your continuous collaborations in training your employee who are our members and implores your esteemed Management to sponsor Union leaders from the Branch, State and National levels as well as Human Resource Manager/Industrial Relations Officer to the workshop.


Thank you.  




General Secretary.